Case Statistics

2021 was equally challenging like the previous year because of the impact of 2nd wave of COVID-19. However, the experience of 2020 helped in preparation for facing the challenges. Hybrid mode for hearing of cases was introduced during the early part of the year which facilitated the lawyers to conduct cases at their convenience, both physically and in virtual mode. This, among other reasons, resulted in substantial increase in the disposal as compared to the previous years.

Still the pendency at the end of the year also substantially increased due to abolition of the Odisha Administrative Tribunal and the resultant transfer of its pendency cases to the High Court. This was however matched by increase in disposal of cases when compared to the previous years.

Statistics of cases for 2021
Types of casesPendency as on 01.01.2021Institution (01.01.2021 to 31.12.2021)Disposal (01.01.2021 to 31.12.2021)Pendency as on 31.12.2021
Civil Matters    
Writ Petitions72,83570,57249,05994,398
Company Matters23423233
Contempt (Civil)562917,39214,4458576
Review (Civil)19997974022394
Matrimonial Matters9519985965
Arbitration Matters48195180396
Civil Revisions2031320196
Tax Matters (Direct & Indirect)1910541941770
Civil Appeals16,05053065715,923
Land Acquisition Matters9754638983
MACT Matters65424606106392
Civil Suits (Original Side)1001
Other than above12,1072854245112,460
Total (Civil)1,19,91792,91468,1441,44,687
Criminal Matters    
Writ Petitions1273259727791091
Criminal Revisions92805543309504
Bail Applications16,91528,51530,85014,580
Criminal Appeals12,66987463812,905
Death Sentence Reference3113
Contempt (Criminal)628835115
Misc. Criminal Application11,3393233234212,230
Other than above20521672152004
Total (Criminal)53,59336,02937,19052,432
Grand Total (Civil + Criminal)1,73,5101,28,9431,05,3341,97,119

While institution of cases in 2021 increased by around 45,500 cases, disposals too increased by around 44,000 cases when compared to the previous years. This despite the working strength of Judges being 15 till June, 2021 and just 13 till October, 2021.

YearInstitution during the yearDisposal during the year
Disposal of old cases during the year

With a view to focusing on old cases, a decision was taken to publish separate monthly cause lists for the old cases for timely information of the lawyers. Cases from the said lists were listed for hearing in the weekly and supplementary lists. During 2021, 3457 five-year old cases, 2522 ten-year old cases, 90 twenty-five year old cases and 1 forty-year old case could be disposed of. By the end of 2021, 48,398 five -year old cases, 35,276 ten-year old cases, 2402 twenty-five year old cases and 41 forty-year old cases were pending. Out of the 41 forty -year old cases 40 are First Appeals and 1 is a writ petition.

A decision has been taken by the Full Court to transfer the pending First Appeals arising from the orders and decrees of Civil Judges and Senior Civil Judges to the District Judges for disposal.