District Judiciary Map

Gajapati At Paralakhemundi

The Judgeship of Gajapati came into existence on 30th July, 2011 after bifurcation of the Judgeship of Ganjam-Gajapati and started functioning with headquarters at Paralakhemundi.

The new District Court building was inaugurated on 20th November, 2020. The building has a basement and three floors. There are 11 Court rooms. The basement is being used for parking of the vehicles. Other facilities such as lift, Air Conditioner and fire safety measures have been installed
in the building.

The new District Court building constructed by OSPH and WC at a total cost of around Rs. 17.71 crores was inaugurated on 20th November 2021.

In 2021, the OSPH and WC completed the construction of:

C type quarters for the Secretary, DLSA on 30th September, 2021 at a cost of
Rs. 76,25,000/-.

D type quarters for the JMFC at Paralakhemundi at a cost of Rs. 64.65 lakhs on 30th September 2021.

D type quarters for the JMFC at Mohana at a cost of Rs. 64.64 lakhs on 3rd March, 2021.

Shri Biswajit Das was the District and Sessions judge till 11th April 2021. Shri Satyapira Mishra took over on 13th April, 2021